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Sigma SD9 - 01/17/2003
I just read a downright euphoric review of the new Sigma SD9 camera - the first to use the Foveon X3 sensor which is capable of capturing full color (RGB) at each pixel location.
The price seems to be quite attractive, but apparently, the camera can only store 16 images on one 128 Mb CompactFlash card.

Personally, I wouldn't buy such a camera - I'd need at least 100 Flash cards for my next trip, - or I'd have to go everywhere with a laptop!

Not too convenient...


Replied - 01/19/2003
the review i saw said spend $200 more and get a canon or nikon

Replied - 01/19/2003
Well, the one I saw said it was very good value for money and rated the camera as excellent.
The new Foveon chip obviously allowed for amazing contrast and very good colours.
The only big drawback seems to be that the camera can't store images in jpg-format. The "raw"-files of course are much bigger, which accounts for the limitation to 16 images for one flash card.

I'm watching digital cameras closely, as having one as a second camera would be nice to avoid the scanning.
Pricewise, the Sigma camera seems to be already in roughly the same league as similar film cameras. The big factor keeping me from buying any digital camera is uncertainty however: will I be able to buy Compact Flash cards in 5 years from now? And seeing that there are still very important developments in the chip sector - how soon will a digital camera become hopelessly outdated?
The Foveon chip seems to be a definite improvement, as are the full-size chips used by other makers to make the usual SLR camera lenses more compatible.
How about a combination of the two concepts?
It is difficult to pick the right time for buying a digital camera...


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