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Ultimate Photography - For any person - amateur or professional - who loves photography. From portfolios with high-quality images to tutorials

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Ultimate Photography

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The Community Forum for DISCUSSION relating to photography DO NOT SPAM! We ask that you respect others by recognizing the difference. If you have a website to promote, JOIN THE RING! That is what it is for. Keep the Forum for discussion ONLY. Due to the high amount of spam, you must be LOGGED INTO your WebRing User ID to post a comment. Sorry, but you can thank the "underdeveloped" photographers for the need for that rule.

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New to photography - 08/01/2004
I am new to photography thoguh I have been taken photos for years. I have a EOS 5 and a couple of lens, UV and polarising filers and a tripod.
I have $500 to spend on equipment, what should I get?
I was going to get a 2x teleconverter for my DO IS USM 70-300, is my money better spent on lens hoods and other filters? I generallly shoot outdoors so picking filters is crucial. I thought maybe a couple of filters for flouresant light aswell, Blue 10 and a Magenta 40, does this ound right?

Any help and comments would be appreciated.

Replied - 08/01/2004
I would spend the money on useful accessories that add to the overall functionality of the camera for the type of work it does most. Do you already have the vertical grip VG-10? What about the battery pack BP-5? Maybe a canon dedicated speedlite like the 480eg or 550ex? Let us know what you spent the $500 on.

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