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Starting My Own Darkroom - 09/11/2004
I was wondering how much it would cost for all the equipment to start a darkroom for developing color photos and black and white. If you could give me a price and a list of equipment i would need you would be a big help.
Thanks in Advance

Replied - 09/12/2004
your about 10 years too late.!!! today's digital cameras take all the fuss out of using a darkroom. Ihave had 17 darkrooms. I have been developing color film since 1969 !! contact me and let me show you how to do this more effectively and how to make big bucks using your puter... not a darkroom..that is too expensive and ALL THE PROS.. HAVE SWITCHED OVER TO DIGITAL.. this I know for a fact.. you WILL GET BETTER RESULTS USING YOUR PUTER. buy an epson 1280 color printer $400 bucks. you just saved 10,000 !!!
contact me @ or I have been published in many areas. Kodak learned a lot from me. ALL OF TODAY'S HIGH SPEED FILMS WERE BROUGHT ABOUT BECAUSE OF SOMETHING I DID IN 1973 !!!

Replied - 09/12/2004
TOO MUCH EQUIPMENT IS NEEDED: TRAYS, CHEMICALS, ENLARGER, COLOR CHEMICALS ARE EXPENSIVE AND HAVE LIMITED SHELF LIFE. Paper is wicked expensive. Here is what I know for a fact. If you have your favorite photo enlarged to 16 x 20" at a color lab. I guarantee you. YOU WILL GET BETTER results making the same print on your puter and printing it using an epson printer. THE COLORS are more saturated and "sharper" detail is obtained through using your puter and a good color printer. I have been using a Mamiya RB67 camera (medium format) since 1973. The results I obtain using my puter and epson printer far exceed anything I have seen done by ANY COLOR LAB!!! Next: you have no fuss or mess using your puter. Paper is much cheaper, ink is reasonable. but the results are what counts. I assure you. set up a digital darkroom. you will never be disapointed. I first saw this digital technology appear in Camera 35 in 1975 and I was pissed big time. because I had taken the time to learn darkroom techniques and now click and better results are obtained. I have never taken a class in photography. I am completlly self taught. Yet I have taught pro's how to print in color in their darkrooms. using color analyzers and color correction techniques I have learned by reading everything I could get my hands on. I have been teaching photography for many years. DIGITAL IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO.

Replied - 09/14/2004
First you need "space" to set up a "light-tight" enviornment. then you need thousands of dollars for all the equipment. Now you can buy an enlarger for as little as a few hundred bucks. but if you want a good enlarger.your gonna spend thousands. This would include the enlarger itself (Besler) or Omega.. I prefer besler. the lenses can cost many hundreds of dollars also. Now you need a decent timer, a good easel. You need safelights. thermometers, graduates for measuring chemicals. If you have 5-10K you can set up an awesome darkroom. To process color you should have a color analyzer. They are not cheap. THE BEST ALTERNATIVE is to set up YOUR PUTER!! ADOBE PHOTOSHOP IS YOUR DARKROOM. A DECENT digital camera is as little as 300 bucks for really good results, now add paper and ink and a Photo quality printer. your all set up for under 1,000!!! You want results that are outstanding. Check out this image. This was made using a 4 mega pixel camera. You can get 12 mega pixel or even larger (22 megapixel) but I doubt you can afford it. I sure would like to talk to you. oh well, it is your choice. I have been pro status since 73 and have worked with some very big names in the industry.

Replied - 09/14/2004
MANY YEARS AGO.. (1970'S)YOU COULD easily set up a darkroom for just under $1,000! but now, in 2004 you would need a minimum of at least 5,000 to set up a decent darkroom to do color / B&W

If you really want a list of all equipment and the price of everything contact me. In 1973 I bought a MamiyaRB 67 camera 2 backs and 3 lenses for $1,500. TODAY - the same camera USED.. is over 5,000 !!!

Replied - 09/14/2004
buy a copy of any photo magazine, in the back are advertisements such as B&H PHOTO they have a list of almost every product imaginable, with the price(s) that is the easiest way for you to determine how much you will need. Judging by your posts I would say your about 17 years old.

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