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Ultimate Photography

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The Community Forum for DISCUSSION relating to photography DO NOT SPAM! We ask that you respect others by recognizing the difference. If you have a website to promote, JOIN THE RING! That is what it is for. Keep the Forum for discussion ONLY. Due to the high amount of spam, you must be LOGGED INTO your WebRing User ID to post a comment. Sorry, but you can thank the "underdeveloped" photographers for the need for that rule.

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Reading 'Light' - 11/23/2004
I am assuming you have a 35 mm camera that is adjustable. i.e. film speed, shutter speed, adjustable f-stops. You have a light meter.. GOOD now turn it OFF and keep it off. Now open a roll of your favorite film. look at the instructions. read them and learn them well. For IS0 100 film bright sun, distinct shadows, 125 @ f-16 will produce a properly exposed negative. That is the exact same EXPOSURE VALUE as 250 @ f-11 or 500 @ f-8
In other words.. learn to expose your film by "reading" the available light when you are OUTSIDE. What are the settings for a cloudy day? memorize these four settings that Kodak or other film companies print in their instructions that are included with most films. Practice this method until your comfortable using it. The results will be . . . all your negatives or slides will have the same "density" This is important! Practice makes better. Learn to look.. if in doubt.. open the lens a stop or two.. there are only 3 things that happen when you press that shutter. either the media is underexposed, normal, or over exposed. Those are the only 3 !!! Learn to bracket. I have used this method for 40 years, and never missed a shot. If you have to take the time to adjust everything you will miss that "golden opportunity". FAST FOCUS - APERTURE - SHUTTER - THINK

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