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The Community Forum for DISCUSSION relating to photography DO NOT SPAM! We ask that you respect others by recognizing the difference. If you have a website to promote, JOIN THE RING! That is what it is for. Keep the Forum for discussion ONLY. Due to the high amount of spam, you must be LOGGED INTO your WebRing User ID to post a comment. Sorry, but you can thank the "underdeveloped" photographers for the need for that rule.

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comparison project - 12/12/2004
hi i am in desprate need of idea's for my photography final (worth 30% of my grade) and i need some ideas the theme im going for is comparison like a computer chip one pciture of that then comparing to a circuit board one picture of that i just need some really good idea's i would be very much greatful for them and if its of any matter the camera i have is a cannon rebel EOS GII we can only shoot in manual mode (this is a regular film not a digital camera) the photo's we make and develop are all in black and white we cannot use flash in our pictures thats all the requirements for the shoot beyond that s'all good thanks agian i really appreciate this

Replied - 12/13/2004
Comparison project: The old electronics / vs / new electronics. black & white film: good. which film r u using? what speed? I don't need brand names just which speed ? now.. this is what I suggest. YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO USE FLASH.. ok.. then use a light bulb !! but I want you to see what happens when you paint with light. The results are very kewl.. because there are NO SHADOWS!
I was shown this method by a pro who worked for General Electric in 1972. Scientific study of materials. For a shutter speed use T or B... for an f-stop : f22 or f32 if you have those available on your normal lens.. This is how it is done place the objects on seamless paper. ??? if you need some help with this. get an extension cord so that you can hold a light bulb in a socket. shutter time will be about two minutes using slow speed film. when your shutter is open.. paint the scene with light from ABOVE and.. LOW to get rid of all the shadows.. I guarantee you, the teacher will be stumped as to how you did this.. flash always leaves shadows.. !!!!! so paint the shadows away!!! using a normal light bulb. you don't want 200 watt or 150 watt. YOu want 40 watt light bulb.. of course BRACKET YOUR EXPOSURES.. and you will be totally amazed at the results. the sharpness will be incredible! BUT... YOU MUST USE A TRIPOD.... GOOD LUCK !! contact me if you need any help. or super@ same

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