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Film is dead? - 11/12/2004
I want to take up photography. With all the new digital cameras, does it still make sense to buy a film camera?
Will you still get films in a few years?

Replied - 11/14/2004
As long as camera manufacturers bring out new traditional cameras regularly and film makers develop new films, non-digital photography still seems to be quite an attractive market.
No guarantee that things will stay that way, though.
Here in Germany, you readily get all sorts of film, but the price for slide magazines has gone up continuously.
So in the future, such things may become more difficult to get - and more expensive.
I'm sure, however, that I'll get my rolls of slide film for the foreseeable future!

Whether you want to go this way or buy a digital camera largely depends on your personal needs and what you intend to do with the photos you take: slide shows? Digital projectors are quite nice, but have a much lower resolution than todays digital cameras or a traditional slide.
Get prints? You can print your photos yourself with a digital camera, but big enlargements tend to work out more expensive when produced from a digital camera.
Fading of printer inks when exposed to light still is a hot topic although there's been much improvement.
Web galleries? Scanning slides or photos is quite a bit of work and a digital camera has definite advantages here.
It also makes it much easier to predict the result than a traditional camera where you have to wait for the film to get developed.
So it may be easier to learn with a digital camera.


Replied - 11/14/2004
That's nonsense! The few good digital cameras are still way overpriced when compared to serious film cameras.
Most digital cameras are just toys for sending around snapshots.

Replied - 11/14/2004
Digital Cameras as sold in Wal Mart, drugstores, grocery stores are all inexpensive ways for non camera buffs to enjoy the world around them, but I assure you that digital cameras are not just toys.

I purchased a $1000 toy (in your terms) in December 2000 and took it with me on one of my trips to Asia in 2001. I took over 1,500 pictures with that camera (Nikon 990, 3.2mp) and compared them to that of my other Nikon 9000 with 300mm tsl and to the naked eye, and the ease of use and processing the digital camera's photo's, I would have to say hands-down, the digital camera won.

I have uploaded that particular trips pictures to the internet and I dare you to be able to separate what photo's were taken with the digital vs 35mm w/TSL.

Please take a look and leave your comments in the guestbook area...


Replied - 12/13/2004

Replied - 12/13/2004
FILM LIVES FOEVER! Digital is hear and here to stay, but the quallity will never be as good or compare to the geatness of film!

Replied - 01/01/2005
If film was dead, why would Nikon bring out a new pro film camera?

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