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Fuji Velvia soon gone? - 04/22/2005
I read an announcement that Fuji intends to bring out a new Fuji Velvia 100 Professional film - and will discontinue the old 50 ASA Velvia in 2006.
A really Velvia-like 100 ASA film would be a welcome addition, but I somehow doubt it will have exactly the same saturated colours I've come to expect from my favourite film.
At least the Vevia 100F was a bit of a disappointment in this respect (although it's certainly a good film).
Maybe time to buy a large supply and put it in the freezer, - or to go digital...


Replied - 04/23/2005
"Maybe time to buy a large supply and put it in the freezer, - or to go digital..."

You can get good deals from Calumet photo on Ebay, they sell 20 roll pro-packs for less than $100...
You still haven't gone digital?

Replied - 04/24/2005
NO, currently I still prefer slides and scan the ones I need for the web.
Considering the space that the traditional images take up in my flat, going digital definitely *is* a temptation.

There are some drawbacks though:
- technology still is developing at a rate similar to computers rather than traditional cameras. Had I bought a camera a year ago, chances are, it would be outdated now, - or at least available for a fraction of the price.
- formats change rapidly. Will you be able to read the "raw" files of your cameras 5 years from now?
- so do storage media. It's hard to find floppy drives nowadays. Will you still get the media your camera accepts in a few years?

Quality is quite acceptable, and since Minolta brought out a camera (the 7d) that would be able to use my existing lenses, I could buy one as a second body. Again, the question is: when will they bring out an 8d or 9d with more Megapixels?

I think waiting a little bit can't be wrong at the moment...


Replied - 04/24/2005
Of course there are pros and cons to almost any decision one has to make when earning a living with photography. I made the decision to go digital after getting "boned" by two rolls of bad film from the same Fuji brick. The client was an 850 player hockey league and the shoot was 180 miles away. The bad rolls of film had 3-7 blank frames mid-roll which affected a total of four teams, almost 50 kids had to be rescheduled for their team photo. Up to that point I was also playing the waiting game. When the 35mm format image sensor gets to 20megapixels then I'll make the jump into digital!!
6.3mp seems to provide all the resolution I need for any print up to 11x14 inches. I still have four film cameras that I don't use nearly as often due to the simple fact that I get instant usable images from my digital. I would suppose that as my understanding of the digital parlance increases my use of film will decrease. Wagering that all things currently in the domain of film will be easily surpassed digitally. The motion picture industry has embraced digital video not for image quality but for the millions of dollars saved in film processing, editing and post-production costs. More recently some directors have been taking advantage of digital video's endless array of manipulation techniques to cut down on the cost of hiring movie extras, and building elaborate sets on their sound stage...but I digress.
The 7d would make a terrific first digital camera for you.

Replied - 09/29/2005
Don't bother stocking up with Fuji Velvia 50. The new Velvia 100 (not 100f) is superb and IMHO better than the 50 iso stuff, if not equall to it. It is almost grainless and the colours even richer than the old.
For those of us in the UK, are doing the new Velvia 100 35mm for around 3.50 a roll of 36. That's about $5.95 for our American cousins.

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