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Webspace SupportNeed help with something related to your managing and editing your Webspace? Check out the sites listed on the Sites page or the Permanent Posts below for some of the most commonly asked questions. Don't see an answer to your question? Search the posts, or post a new question. Answers may take a little time, so please have patience. Coming soon...
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A method for automatic redirection from index.html to INDEX.HTM - 02/22/2010
A method for automatic redirection from index.html to INDEX.HTM

The problem of hosting inside the Web Space of Web Ring hyper text documents that follow the file and type naming conventions of DOS operating systems, has been provisionally solved by using the REFRESH attribute of the META HTTP-EQUIV element.

The method, however, is not an orthodox one. CSS Dixieland is aware of the note included in section Meta data of the HTML 4.01 specification, approved by the World Wide Web Consortium on 24th December 1999:

The note states:
"Some user agents support the use of META to refresh the current page after a specified number of seconds, with the option of replacing it by a different URI. Authors should not use this technique to forward users to different pages, as this makes the page inaccessible to some users. Instead, automatic page forwarding should be done using server-side redirects".

In spite of that official recommendation, a META refresh has been used at the Uniform Resource Locator:

Obviously, it has been applied as a temporary solution and should not be considered a valid precedent of hyper text praxis.

By the present communication, Web Ring is requested to consider a modification to the Web Space manager, in order to allow for the disappearance of index.html at Web MasterĀ“s discretion.

Cpt. P. A. Stonemann, C.S.N., Gopher and Web Master

Replied - 02/23/2010
Is this a request, or just a discussion?

Replied - 02/24/2010
A method for automatic redirection from index.html to INDEX.HTM

(Due to the length of this submission, it has been divided in two parts. This is the first part)

Reply by Cpt. Stonemann, CSN:

It is a warning on some of the current limitations of the CMS system, as it is being applied inside the Web Space of Web Ring.

It is also a request to Web Ring for modifying the CMS system and, as far as possible, for removing those limitations, thus allowing an ample variety of platforms or operating systems to work with files, following the naming conventions of that specific platform or system.

CSS Dixieland recognises the commendable effort being made by Web Ring in providing storage space without requesting payment, without forced insertion of advertising in the hosted pages, without regular visits to paying advertisers, without forum submissions, or without any other particular requirement that other hosts impose for their services.

CSS Dixieland publicly manisfests its gratitude to Web Ring for this demonstration of good will to the community of Web Masters.

CSS Dixieland also perceives as its duty to notify, with the due respect, to responsible members of the technical management of Web Ring on such limitations of the CMS system, limitations that may or may not have been fully detected by Web Ring engineers, especially considering that the Web Space service of Web Ring is still comparatively new.

The primary aim of CSS Dixieland is to make Web Ring aware of the situation, possibly to the benefit of other Web Masters, and of Web Ring itself.

(The submission continues in the second part)

Replied - 02/24/2010
A method for automatic redirection from index.html to INDEX.HTM

(Due to the length of this submission, it has been divided in two parts. This is the second part)

CSS Dixieland does not necessarily expect from Web Ring to perform a deep re-structuring of the CMS system, or to comply fully with the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium.
Such decisions are solely the responsibility of Web Ring, and no other person or organisation has the right to interfere with the freedom that Web Ring has of managing their own services as they seen fit. This is clearly expressed in the Terms of Service.

In principle, CSS Dixieland holds no intention of entering into a deep technical discussion on the subject, although it is perfectly prepared to do so. It remains at Web Ring choice whether to regard this submission thread as a voluntary wish of CSS Dixieland to help others, or else as a kind of "challenge to show technical expertise". The purpose is honestly the first, not the second, although technical informations are obviously necessary in a thread of this kind.

The entire collection of forum submissions to the Web Space of Web Ring has been perused in detail. It has been found that some other Web Master has experienced similar difficulties. A post has been recently submitted by Web Master karentj24, under the descriptive title of "Cannot access some of my webpages to edit them". Her Uniform Resource Locator is:

The complete text of her submission will not be repeated here, but the reply by Web Ring will. The Web Ring officer says:
"...the files can be edited in the top level folder. In the subfolders the CMS system does not currently recognise files without an extension. Ideally those should have a .html tacked on the end, but we are working on the CMS system".

With sincere gratitude,
Cpt. P. A. Stonemann, CSN

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