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Ultimate Photography - For any person - amateur or professional - who loves photography. From portfolios with high-quality images to tutorials

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Ultimate Photography

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The Community Forum for DISCUSSION relating to photography DO NOT SPAM! We ask that you respect others by recognizing the difference. If you have a website to promote, JOIN THE RING! That is what it is for. Keep the Forum for discussion ONLY. Due to the high amount of spam, you must be LOGGED INTO your WebRing User ID to post a comment. Sorry, but you can thank the "underdeveloped" photographers for the need for that rule.

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A forum for Ultimate Photgraphy
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New wildlife photography website... forumguest 12/08/2004 (1 posts)
Tell what you think of my wildlife photos please, all taken in the UK...htt   more $50 off promotional code forumguest 12/06/2004 (1 posts)
I got a promotional code and supose to be TOMF from a friend and I can'   more
Which Film to Use ?? deves027 12/05/2004 (1 posts)
It really doesn't matter. But, what are your preferences ? Some films a   more
Proper Composition deves027 11/24/2004 (1 posts)
Composition is probably the single most important aspect in achieving "plea   more
Reading 'Light' deves027 11/23/2004 (1 posts)
I am assuming you have a 35 mm camera that is adjustable. i.e. film speed,   more Very happy with the services and support forumguest 11/22/2004 (2 posts)
If you want to have quality prints and your own online store front; Printro   more
Weekend Crash Photography Course deves027 11/20/2004 (1 posts)
Learning how to read "light" Which film to use ? Proper composition!   more
Re (328): What does a mean that a camera is a 35mm? forumguest 11/17/2004 (3 posts)
hey, 35mm refers to the width of the film itself. A 35mm still camera takes   more
FREE PHOTO SEMINARS (Union Square) forumguest 11/16/2004 (1 posts)
PhotoManhattan "HOW TO USE THE MANUAL OPTIONS OF YOUR CAMERA". Free!!!!   more
Peru pictures laurenz 11/15/2004 (1 posts)
I have just uploaded 20 pictures from Cuzco at   more
Need photography weekend crash course, I'm in Los Angeles area forumguest 11/08/2004 (1 posts)
Hello, I'm a novice in photography and looking for some instrustions o   more
Silesian Workshops of Documentary Photography forumguest 10/31/2004 (1 posts)
Photography group TrakTor presents "Silesian Workshops of Documentary Photo   more
Color Darkroom Techniques deves027 10/28/2004 (1 posts)
I have built and worked in 17 darkrooms. Yes I have moved around a lot. Fro   more
My Mistake - oops ! Sorry forumguest 10/27/2004 (1 posts)
The URL is here.   more
My Old Color Darkroom is visible here forumguest 10/19/2004 (1 posts)
This is an image of my darkroom sink (1980)!   more
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