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The HypnoGoddess's Profile Page Chat Experiment

Welcome All!

Do you belong to one of the HypnoGoddess's WebRings? You might catch me here one day. I would much rather tell folks about myself in real time than set forth yet again a printed version.

Note to WebRing: This chat is hosted on Userplane's servers, not WebRing's. It should therefore not place an undue strain on WebRing resources. Being a free room, the portal back to Userplane is unavoidable, and is not intended to be a TOS violation. The site is simply intended as a place for WebRing cruisers and Ringmasters alike to meet and chat within the system itself, and a contact point with its owner.

Instructions for use: No password needed. Simply enter a handle in the username box and select connect. Easy user controls including floating detachment (this means that you do not need to cease surfing the Ring you are on in order to chat, as you can take the room with you by detaching it from the page) on the other side of login!

Hypnogodess at The Independent Artist's Company

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